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We were so blessed to leave Iowa before much snow fell, pick up my mom in Illinois, and head south before the weather got bad.  I felt bad for our cat sitter who had to tromp through the snow to get to the house.  Anyway, we spent a day walking the rose garden, Art Museum, and a green house full of orchids for our first day in New Orleans.  The second day we spent at the WWII museum and touring the Garden District.  These were beautiful days and a pleasure to be outside strolling!  Then it got a bit chilly so we did some inside things, like touring are galleries!!!!  So I am full of new inspiration for color, texture and structure!  It is fantastic to be back in my studio creating!

This year will be filled with art shows and classes and fun adventures, just like 2014.  I can hardly wait to share new things with you.  I have started confirming my schedule and will post as new confirmations come in.  So, stay tuned and I will see you at the next art show - or, if you can't wait, call, text or e-mail and I will set you up with a private showing!  See you soon.



2015 Schedule 
February 7, 2015
St. Malchy's Craft Show *held in the St. Malachy's School class rooms
Geneseo, IL 61254 
9:00am to 2:00pm
This is the first time for me at this event and I was estatic to be invited.  It is just the right time of the year to get out, stretch my legs and start showing off some of my new designs - oh, yes, and it is one week before Valentine's day - oops-forgot about that!  I will make sure to bring lots of RED!   
April 11, 2015 
Wisconsin Gourd Festival
Olbrich Botanical Gardens
3330 Atwood Ave., Madison, WI
9am - 4pm Free parking, Live music, Seed experts, Raw gourds, Gourd growers, Silent auction, Kid activities
This is the first time for me at any Wisconsin  venue so I am doubly excited.  I was fortunate enough to meet some of the Wisconsin Gourd Society members at the fall Gourd and Basket Weavers convention where I taught a class on how to make your own gourd kaleidoscope.  We all enjoyed it and they asked me to teach the class at their gourd festival.  I am so humbled and excited.  I am going to teach and vend at this one - my husband will hold down the "fort" while I teach so he will need your patience and help!  I can hardly wait to meet some more Wisconsin gourd lovers! To register for the "Design your own kaleidoscope" class, call (608)437-1944, e-mail thegourdgirl@thegourdgirl.com, or online  www.wisconsingourdsociety.org/festival and send in a class registration form
May 2, 2015 
Mississippi River Valley Art Drive
My house!  22185 180th Ave, Davenport, IA 52807  call 563-508-1853 for directions
or go to www.mrvad.com for a map     Hours 9am - 4pm 
I will have gourd art, gourd jewelry, gourd kaleidoscopes and kaleidoscope kits, gourd musical instruments, and raw gourds available as well as trans dyes for creating your own gourd designs.






Gourd Pyramid Trio



Amber Waves

Gourd Lace $88 - SOLD
Filigree, lines, natural colors, and black!

Tumbled $72-sold
A new technique to enhance inlay.

Chestnut Lamp $90 - SOLD
There is nothing like an unique lamp to enhance your living space.

Bronzeness $63
Cut uniquely, simply enhanced in bronze.



and, HAPPY 2015..... 

May God grant you a thankful heart

safe travels for the holidays

and a new year full of grace and blessings!




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THANK YOU for visiting Rhonda's Garden website!

If you would like to be informed when the next class opens, please go to the "contact us" page of this site and send an e-mail stating your class interest and availability.

I will be in touch!
Thank you!

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I carry trans tint dyes-all colors available in 2 oz bottles. $5.00ea
Trans tint dyes fade less and slower.  They are alcohol based.  These will be available at the Orion gourd festival, September 22th!  I have dyed a spinner with each color so it is easy to pick and choose colors.  I will also have samples of the various things you can do with trans tint dyes.  I have checked with the post office and the trans tint dyes can be shipped, 4 at one time at $5.20. 

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If you are a fellow artist and are looking for help directing people to your art and studio, go to http://www.mrvad.com/.  You will find it a great on line opportunity as well as the chance to bring people to your studio during the bi-annual self driving tour!

My studio is open for gourd viewing by appointment for those who are interested in gourd purchases or ordering a commissioned piece! Please call to schedule an appointment: 563-508-1853.
It is possible to purchase and ship items from this web-site.
Prices will be listed on the site, sales will be over the phone with immediate shipping available.
Please call or text with any questions you may have: 563-508-1853 or e-mail me: rhondasgarden@csteldridge.com

If you are looking for a speaker for your organization, I love to share what I know about growing, cleaning, safety, and the art of the gourd! I do power point presentations, hands on classes, or a combination of both. 

I also give classes, minimum of 3 people per class.  563-508-1853

I give classes in my home or your location.  See the Class page for current schedule or contact me to set up your own class, with friends or by yourself!

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Welcome to Rhonda's Garden & Gifts
You may view the artist's profile on "About Rhonda"

I truly enjoy my gourd art.  I call it play, not work.  If you see something you like that may be sold, remember, I can never duplicate an item.  I can work with a similiar sized or shaped gourd, similiar colors and embellishments, but every gourd is truly one-of-a-kind. 
I complete all outside pieces, like the pink flamingo, with a seal coat that will protect it for outside display for one season.  After this amount of time you will want to bring the item in, clean it, and reseal it with a coat of wax or other appropriate sealant.  Please do not leave gourds outside during the winter months in areas where the temperature drops below 40 degrees.  The gourds will eventually crack when exposed to freezing and extreme heat.  Even if you take your pink flamingo gourd to Florida, you will want to reseal it from time to time to keep it from cracking and aging - gourds are truly a gift that will last forever, when cared for properly.

Gourd Points $40
Geometrically a sphere, squared!

White & Tan! $40 SOLD
This is a gourd you can use as a pencil holder or flower vase!

Kaleidoscope Gourds - $40 includes stand
Each gourd design is unique - inside & out - great gift idea!

Gourds have been around forever.  They have been used to carry water, mix food, serve food, musical instruments, worship gods, and their seeds have been a sign of prosperity in tribes and coveted by leaders for many years.  Gourd history is endless, as endless as the shapes of gourds and the many ways that they may enhance our lives and environments.

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